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The Tasting Room - Uptown Park
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President: Samuel Carratala
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Vice President: Erica Renaud
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Chapter Director Consultant: Bobbie Stratton
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Roxanne Ghobrial

Phone 713-800-6800
Fax 713-425-4301

Roxanne Ghobrial
The Ghobrial Law Firm
Two Riverway
Suite 1770
Houston, TX 77056

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Roxanne Ghobrial

The Ghobrial Law Firm
Chapter: BNI Success Connect

Legal, Attorney - Estate Planning

My BusinessMy practice specializes in all matters relating to probate and guardianship law, such as drafting Wills, drafting estate planning documents, creating and managing trusts, and creating guardianships. Specifically, we draft Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, Financial/Durable Powers of Attorney, Directives to Physicians, Designation of Guardian if Need Arises, Designation of Guardian of Minor Children in the Event of Death or Incapacity, and Disposition of Remains. Regarding Estate Administration, we probate Wills, probate or open an estate without a Will, defend Wills, and Contest Wills. Regarding Trusts, we create Trusts, represent Trustees, represent beneficiaries, modify Trusts, and counsel clients on pet trusts. Regarding Guardianships, we defend guardians, contest the appointment of guardians, and restore the rights of individuals determined to be incapacitated by a court.